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What are the Board’s obligations under open meeting law?

Submitted by matt.stirnweis… on Mon, 12/20/2021 - 12:20

State law requires meetings of the Board to be open to the public. The Board may not make decisions or take formal actions outside of a public meeting. Board members may attend meetings remotely by electronic means, but the Board is required to designate a physical location where members of the public can attend and participate.  

The Board may meet in executive session to discuss certain sensitive matters like litigation or personnel issues but may not take formal action in executive session.   

The Board must post agendas and minutes; agendas will be posted to the website no later than 24 hours prior to Board meetings.  

Although not required by law, the Board is recording each of its meetings, and each of its Advisory Committee and subcommittee meetings, and posting them on its website. These recordings are also available at Orca Media.  

Although not required by law, to the greatest extent possible the Board will allow for public attendance by electronic means at its meetings. Information about electronic access to meetings will be on the posted agenda for each meeting.