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CCB Comment Regarding Convention Displays and Event Sponsorships

Vermont cannabis conventions and other opportunities for cannabis friendly event sponsorships are well underway for the 2023 season. The CCB wants to remind licensees of current rules and statues and to offer this information on how to best stay in compliance while participating in these opportunities to grow your brand.

Please remember:

  • Direct-to-consumer sales of cannabis and cannabis products are only allowed at licensed retail establishments.
  • Licensees cannot “gift” cannabis or cannabis products or other items that are designed to induce sales.
  • Branded cannabis or cannabis products do not meet the definition of “homegrown cannabis” or “personal”. Exceptions for gifting homegrown cannabis do not apply to branded products.
  • Cannabis seeds that may be sold in interstate commerce may be offered as display takeaways or offered for sale at cannabis conventions or sponsorship display tables.
  • Be aware that cannabis establishments seeking to advertise are bound by age-based audience requirements. As a licensee, if you are displaying at a sponsored event or convention that is not age-gated, advertising requirements still apply. Cannabis and cannabis products must not be visible.
  • Cannabis or cannabis products purchased through a retail establishment may only be gifted privately. Private events are by invitation only.

Thank you for your attention. We hope this reminder helps you to remain compliant with statuteand rule.