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Authorized Vendor Trainer Information

Educators who wish to be included in the page above as an authorized vendor trainer should email and include proposed educational materials.


Board Rule 2.2.5(b)(i-v) and 2.2.5(c) requires that all customer-facing employees of retail cannabis establishments complete trainings regarding the following topics, and may not sell cannabis or cannabis products to consumers until they do so:

  • Operating, security, health, safety, and sanitary procedures for the retail establishment
  • Compliance, enforcement, inspection, incident reporting, and record-keeping
  • Acceptable forms of identification for staff and visitors
  • Inventory control and appropriate tracking systems
  • Cash handling
  • The health effects of Cannabis and Cannabis Products
  • Preventing the sale of Cannabis to minors; and
  • Signs of over-consumption and signs of mental health or substance abuse disorder.

If you are an educator who would like to be added to the authorized vendor trainer list, please email In that email, please include your proposed training materials for review.

The following providers have been approved to provide trainings in Vermont.

Business Name Contact Name Phone Number Email Address
American Cannabis Training Association Insuk Lee 617-213-0439
Green CulturED Evan Erickson 720-446-8847
Green Flower Megan Delaney 805-844-0658
Green Path Training Ellen Brown 508-419-4420
Juniper Lane Colleen McQuade 802-440-5755
Vermont Cannabis Nurse Jessilyn Dolan 802-363-5499

More providers are going through the approval process - this list will be updated.