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Medical Dispensary Information

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April 1, 2022






A patient must designate a dispensary when registering for the medical cannabis program, but may change their designated dispensary, if they so choose, one time in any given 30-day time period. There are five registered dispensaries in the state of Vermont:

CeresMed (Burlington and South Burlington) CeresMed South (Brattleboro and Middlebury)
Phytocare Vermont (Bennington) Vermont Patients Alliance (Montpelier)
Grassroots Vermont (Brandon)  

The application period for a sixth dispensary will be announced when the number of registered patients reaches 7,000. As of June 25, 2021, there were 4,767 patients enrolled with the Vermont Marijuana Registry.

To change your designated dispensary, please fill out and return this form.

More information for patients registering for the medical cannabis program:

  • Registered patients may purchase cannabis, cannabis-infused products, seeds, and clones from his or her designated registered dispensary.
  • Registered patients who designate a dispensary may purchase cannabis products and cultivate cannabis.
  • Registered patients may only change his or her designated dispensary every 30 days. A registered patient must submit a completed Cardholder Information Notification form and a $25 processing fee when requesting to change his or her designated dispensary, except during his or her annual renewal. The MCP will issue the registered patient a new registry identification card with a new registry identification number.
  • ALL registered patients and caregivers MUST schedule appointments prior to going to their designated dispensary to obtain marijuana, this includes seed and clones.

Information for dispensaries regarding compliance and enforcement:

A registered dispensary is subject to on-site assessments by the CCB at any time, without notice. Failure to cooperate with required assessments may be grounds to revoke a dispensary registration certificate. Further information on the licensing and regulation of medical dispensaries may be found in the Board's proposed rules.

File a complaint about a dispensary

Fingerprinting information for dispensaries