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Licensed Cannabis Products, Establishments & Employees

Registered Cannabis Products (Last Updated 5/17/24)

The above report represents the current list of all cannabis and cannabis products registered for sale in the State of Vermont.

CCB Licensing staff are continuing to review product registrations on an ongoing basis. This report will be updated regularly.

Employee Identification Card Tracker (Last Updated 5/20/2024)

Please refer to this Employee ID Card Tracker Report to access employee identification card information for those working in cannabis establishments. 

Authorized Vendor Trainer Information

Board Rule 2.2.5(b)(i-v) and 2.2.5(c) requires that customer-facing employees of retail establishments complete training on certain topics prior to selling to customers. Authorized trainer information may be found above.

Educators who wish to be included in the page above as an authorized vendor trainer should email and include proposed educational materials.

Licensee Data 

License and Application Register - CCB Executive Director Report (updated 4/24/2024)

The following entities have been approved for a Cannabis Establishment License by the Cannabis Control Board and are authorized to commence operations within the State of Vermont.

The Licensee Data below was last updated on 5/14/2024.