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Guidance Documents

Advertising Guidance (UPDATED: May 2023)

Allowable License Activities Guidance (UPDATED: November 2022)
Application Status Flow Chart (UPDATED: April 2023) Buffer Zone Guidance (UPDATED: August 2022)
Bulk Flower Guidance (UPDATED: April 2023) Cessation of Operations Escrow Guidance (UPDATED: May 2022)

Employee ID Card Record Request Guidance (UPDATED: August 2022)

Fencing Guidance (UPDATED: April 2022)

Inventory Tracking Guidance

Lab Testing Action Limit Guidance (UPDATED: April 2022)

    Lab Testing and Inventory Tracking Guidance (October 2022)

    Labeling Guidance (UPDATED: May 2022)

    Law Enforcement Guidance (UPDATED: October 2022)

    Licensing and Application Fees (UPDATED: May 2022)

    Local Cannabis Control Commission Guidance (UPDATED: July 2022)

    Mapping Guidance and Obtaining GPS Coordinates

    (UPDATED: May 2022)

    Municipal Guidance (UPDATED: June 2022)

      Packaging Materials Guidance (UPDATED: May 2023)

      Pesticide Use Guidance (UPDATED: May 2022)

      Product Equivalency Guidance (UPDATED: February 2023)
      Record Check Guidance (UPDATED: May 2022)

      Social Equity Applicant Guidance (UPDATED: July 2022)

        Tax Compliance Guidance for Cannabis Establishments (UPDATED: July 2022)

          Waste and Waste Disposal Guidance (UPDATED: May 2022)

          Point-of-Sale Flyer

          Vermont law requires that retailers display a safety information flyer at the point of purchase and offer the customer a copy of the flyer with each purchase.

          If the customer chooses not to take the flyer, the retailer must inform the customer that if the customer elects not to receive the flyer, the information contained in the flyer is available on the website for the Board.

          This flyer was developed by the Board in consultation with the Vermont Department of Health. It is available free of charge via the links below. Retailers are responsible for maintaining a sufficient printed flyer inventory.

          Full Point-of-Sale Flyer

          Flyer Files for Printing & Distribution:

          The following files are formatted for printing with crop and bleed marks

          Warning Labels

          Additional information will be contained in our forthcoming packaging guidance document. However, in the meantime, please review board rule 2.2.10 for guidance on warning labels. Vector and raster images available for download below. EPS files are available upon request - please email

          Contains THC

          Not Safe for Kids

          Warning Label Language