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Approved Packaging Waivers

The following plastic packaging options have been approved by the Board. A licensee may seek a waiver to the CCB's prohibition on plastic packaging if it can demonstrate hardship in securing non-plastic packaging for one of the following reasons:

  • Unavailability of non-plastic packaging;
  • Inability to achieve child-resistance; or
  • Necessity to preserve shelf-life stability, prevent contamination of cannabis or cannabis products, or avoid exposure of cannabis and cannabis products to toxic or harmful substance

In order to be approved, a licensee must submit a waiver form for the particular type of packaging seeking approval to the Board.

Once a waiver is granted, that waiver will apply to all licensees - not just the licensee who submitted the waiver.

Categorical waivers have been granted to the following packaging types. Links to products are for the purpose of providing product examples, and are not an endorsement of any specific product or company.

  • Glass or other non-plastic jars with metal, wood, or bamboo lids that utilize a rubber/plastic gasket in the lid. This applies to screw top and clamp/latch top options, so long as they meet the definition of child-deterrent or resistant. Standalone foam pressure-seal liners are acceptable.
  • Glass or ceramic vape cartridges. The cartridges themselves do not have to be child resistant, provided that the cartridge's packaging is, itself, child resistant.
  • Plastic or rubber dropper bottle tops.

Waivers granted to specific products

Packaging Brand & Model Description of Packaging Child Resistant or Deterrent, SKU: GSLM1CR Glass Dab Applicator Syringes Resistant
Elevate Packaging, Various Sizes Opaque Stand-Up Pouches, All Sizes Deterrent
Humidi.Co, HumidiLids Concentrate and Other Product Lids, All Sizes Resistant
Safely Lock Compostable Bag ONLY Resistant