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Approved Packaging Waivers & Plastic Free Packaging Options

Board Rule 2.2.9(b) states that packaging intended for consumer purchase at a retail location cannot be made from plastic. To help licensees find plastic-free packaging, the Board has compiled a non-exhaustive list. The Board has not vetted or endorsed these companies beyond the availability of plastic-free packaging options. This list is offered for informational purposes only.

The licensed cannabis community can be a great resource for fellow licensees in their search for compliant packaging. Please consider reaching out to your network for additional packaging options, or email your compliance agent at

PLEASE NOTE: Cannabis flower and pre-rolls are not required to be in child-resistant packaging, unless the pre-roll has been infused with additional cannabis products (e.g.: dipped).

The following plastic packaging options have been approved by the Board

A licensee may seek a waiver to the CCB's prohibition on plastic packaging if it can demonstrate hardship in securing non-plastic packaging for one of the following reasons:

  • Unavailability of non-plastic packaging;
  • Inability to achieve child-resistance; or
  • Necessity to preserve shelf-life stability, prevent contamination of cannabis or cannabis products, or avoid exposure of cannabis and cannabis products to toxic or harmful substance