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Cannabis Lab Potency Reporting Metrics

On Thursday, March 30th the CCB met with all of the VT State Certified Cannabis Labs. In weeks' prior, a state proficiency test was administered to all of the labs and it was discovered that analytically the labs were aligned, but the reporting metrics being used on the certificates of analysis (COAs) were not the same. Potency can be presented in two different ways:

  • “Dry Weight” (0% moisture) or
  • “As Sold Weight” (sample moisture included).

“As Sold Weight” is more representative of what a consumer will be purchasing because it corrects for moisture. However, because moisture can change over the lifetime of a sample, and to avoid “lab shopping” for higher results, all labs will now report potency numbers for flower and biomass on a “Dry Weight” basis to remove the discrepancy between the different labs’ presented results and to avoid confusion within the regulated cannabis community.