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Cultivator Inventory Tracking Training Recording

Thank you to all of the cultivators who joined us for the inventory tracking training last night - there were some fantastic questions, and some key takeaways are included below (along with the recording of yesterday's session).

Your initial report in the new Inventory Tracking system containing historical data is due on May 15, 2023.

These historical reports will contain one Inventory Tracking entry with aggregated data for each harvest lot. You do not need to re-submit a report for each two-week cycle of your licensure thus far. One report for each harvest lot is sufficient.


  • Consistency is key with reporting inventory tracking. There were a lot of questions on how to capture harvest wet weight in particular. There is not specific guidance on capturing this aspect of your harvest lot - the important thing is simply to stay consistent with how you choose to capture this.
  • On the subject of wet weight...
    • Wet weight is a new required feature of inventory tracking for cultivators this year to protect against out-of-state inversion of product. This extra data will allow us to better monitor attempted inversion, and to help protect the market from undue price fluctuation.
  • Harvest Lots are a defined term in guidance (see page 6). When choosing a harvest lot ID, only enter the numerical identifier of that lot - the system will automatically generate the rest of the ID number to include your license number
    • EXAMPLE: Your license number is SCLTV0001. You are entering your first harvest lot ever and identifying it as 001. Enter "001" into the Harvest Lot field. The system will automatically log your full Harvest Lot number as "SCLTV0001-001"
  • If you are a cultivator with another license type (such as a manufacturer or wholesaler), continue to use the old Microsoft Forms Inventory Tracking System for those license types. The new Inventory Tracking system currently only accepts reports from cultivators. We will be unveiling the new system for other license types in the coming weeks.


Finally, here's the recording of last night's training session.

We plan to do more of these trainings for other license types in the future - stay tuned.