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Tier-3 (All) & Tier-2 (Mixed) Cultivation Applications Due Before April 1


On February 28, 2024 the Cannabis Control Board voted to indefinitely close the window to submit applications for all types of tier-3 cultivation licenses and mixed tier-2 cultivation licenses, effective midnight April 1st, 2024. This means that applicants or licensees wishing to be licensed as any type of tier-3 cultivator or as a tier-2 mixed cultivator must submit a complete application for licensure by March 31, 2024.

Satisfying the Deadline
Applications for pre-qualification evaluation are not applications for licensure.
Un-submitted license application drafts and incomplete license applications will not hold open the deadline.
An application is complete only if it contains, at the time of submission, all answers, information, and supporting documentation sufficient for the Board to act favorably upon it. If required questions are unanswered or required documents omitted, an application is not complete. An application may be dismissed if an applicant fails to reply reasonably to requests for clarification or supplemental documentation by the application deadline.

Transitioning Based on Status
In light of the approaching license application deadline, pre-qualification evaluations are no longer required or available for the affected license types.
If you have a pre-qualification evaluation or a license application draft in process for any type of tier-3 cultivation or mixed tier-2 cultivation license, you must submit a complete license application no later than March 31, 2024.
If you have not yet begun pre-qualification evaluation for a tier-3 or mixed tier-2 cultivation license, you may bypass the pre-qualification evaluation and apply directly for the license you seek.