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Clarification of Cannabis Control Board and Department of Liquor & Lottery Relationship

Press Release

As part of Governor Phil Scott’s updated public safety and violence prevention plan the enforcement relationship between the Cannabis Control Board and the Department of Liquor and Lottery was defined, which has led to confusion about the nature of this relationship.
The Cannabis Control Board has full civil and administrative enforcement authority of its rules under state law (7 VSA § 843). Under the public safety plan released by Governor Scott, the Department of Liquor and Lottery should be called upon by the Cannabis Control Board for criminal law enforcement support instead of relying on Vermont State Police, when the Board deems it necessary.

“There is historic distrust between the cannabis community and law enforcement as we move away from prohibition and towards a regulated market,” said Brynn Hare, Executive Director of the Cannabis Control Board.  “There will be times when law enforcement assistance becomes necessary, but as we develop this new industry, our primary goal is to create a culture of compliance among the regulated community that is focused on consumer protection.”

Cary Giguere, Compliance Director of the CCB added: “Our team has been out in force over the last month, we have visited nearly all of the licensed growers, answering numerous questions and offering compliance assistance.”

As of the end of July, the Cannabis Control Board has staffed its compliance division, and compliance agents have begun the process of meeting with current and prospective licensees. Should  law enforcement support become necessary in enforcing the Board’s rules, the Board will rely on DLL on a case-by-case basis. Compliance inquiries or complaints may be made online via the link below, or by emailing