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Prequalification Overview

Prequalification is OPEN for all new cannabis establishment applicants as of December 1, 2023

All businesses seeking a new cannabis license in Vermont must be prequalified by the Cannabis Control Board before completing a full application.

The prequalification process provides preliminary State approval of your business. Prequalification will assist applicants in securing financing for your business, as well as help you to evaluate the viability of your business plan.

Prequalification is NOT a license to operate a cannabis establishment in Vermont.

To draft a pre-qualification application or to review the status of your application you must create a user profile in CCB's Portal:

Once your prequalification application is submitted, a member of the licensing team will contact you for a meeting, in person or via video call. The licensing agent will:

  • Review your application and provide guidance necessary to complete the full application.
  • Work with you to review your cannabis business objectives.
  • Facilitate the completion of your criminal history record check by connecting you to our third-party vendor.
  • Evaluate your eligibility for Social Equity or Economic Empowerment status.

Your application fee will be assessed after your pre-application meeting is conducted. The application fee is $1,000 and is non-refundable. Applicants eligible for Social Equity status are not required to pay the application fee.

CCB Staff will prompt you when fees are due. Do not pay any fees to the Cannabis Control Board until you are directed to do so by your licensing agent.

If you would like to be pre-qualified for more than one type of cannabis business license, you are required to submit an additional prequalification application for each license type. 

Please Note: You will not need to repeat the background check process for each additional license type.

To begin the application process please click “Apply” at the top of this page and select your license type and tier (if applicable).

If you have any other questions relating to cannabis establishments in Vermont, please email or call 802-828-1010, ext. 1.

What will I need to submit with my Prequalification Application?

As part of this submission, you are required to provide an operating plan, which must include:

  • The type and name of the business to be licensed, along with documentation that it is registered to do business in Vermont with the Secretary of State’s office.
  • Identity of any owners or other principals for the business.
  • Name of main point of contact for the Cannabis Control Board.
  • Type of license or licenses sought, and tier (if relevant)
  • Whether anyone mentioned in the operating plan is a past or present owner or principal of a cannabis business outside of Vermont.

You are also required to provide Information for all principals and controllers of your business.

More information about who these individuals are may be found here: Board Rule 1.4.1 and 1.4.2.